Rooms for voices

This project consists of 25 photographs. They represented the halls of the Municipal City Council of different towns located in the Province of Milano, Italy.
These rooms are created and maintained for the sole purpose of hosting, for one or two days each month, the City Councils, therefore people and words. Those words could be dictated by passion and nobility, but also by vanity, anger, hypocrisy, convenience. A concentrate of what is human, in the Council room, where the fate of a number of important issues, that directly affect the daily lives of all citizens, are decided.
These rooms, when not subject to the pressure of voices and words seem to breathe a sigh of relief. Relieved by the event, those rooms can be emptied of their function, and quietly and calmly ceasing to be just tools and recovering their identity as objects. Nevertheless, in this condition, it is as if each of these rooms could hold the echo of all the words that have inhabited over the years. And it's like all those voices did not ever really leave.